Royalty and the Muse (AKA More Bees with Honey) #FlashFiction


Flash! Friday, hosted by the inimitable Rebekah Postupak, is doing this new thing called Warmup Wednesday wherein you’re offered a challenge and you write, just for fun. This week’s photo prompted a bit of silly poetry, a welcome change from what’s become my grueling pace. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but I do so love a bit of frivolity now and again. So without further ado, I hereby humbly offer my entry, if you should feel so inclined to read it. Might I also suggest a quick trip to Flash! Friday, wherein you might join in the fun?

Royalty and the Muse
100 words, on the nose.

blum biddledee dum

The harpist, she played and the people swayed,
Standing on their chairs and tables.
The king stood confused, yes surely bemused,
When he asked them to stop and they all refused.

The harpist, she played and…

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