Goodreads: For Authors and Readers

Kelsey Ketch

I’ve read a couple of blog posts, which have come into my inbox during the past month or so, that were focused on Goodreads Authors and Goodreads Users. I remember there being a conflict at one point in the past as well, and having been out of the loop a bit, I’m not sure what sparked this conflict once again. All I can say is the posts I’ve been reading have a common message behind them, and that message is “Goodreads is not for authors.”

Personally, I find this message unfair and a bit insulting. Mostly because the bigger picture is being over looked. We’re so focused on the division between “author” and “reader” we tend to forget an author once was—and forever will be—a reader themselves. And Goodreads is a wonderful platform for both.

The real culprit of this conflict is not the distinction, but the lack of understanding…

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