Book Four On The Way


Author, June M. Pace

This is a new blog for the books I’ve written, and am writing.  A way for fans to follow along with my work.  So make sure you include your email address in the follow button at the bottom of this page, so you can keep up with anything new…and thx for joining.

The fourth and final installment to the McTish Series…

Benjamin McTish and the Secret Tomb of Loddington-The Prophecy Revealed…

will be available the early part of Spring 2017.  Sorry for the delay in publishing book three, which is the hold up for book four (what can I say, family health prevented the publishing date last year..and quite rightly).

However, a new stand alone novel is already in the makings and anxiously waiting to put thought and pen to paper…The Journey of Shi.  Fantasy, Steampunk, and a little Time Travel as well..I can’t wait to publish and…

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