Babies in the Woods

J. Rae Moore

The pale moon’s light barely penetrated the forest’s thick canopy as a woman darted between the trees. Her feet pounded the trail as she sprinted, giving percussion to the woodland’s nighttime whispers. Garbed in cape and cowl, the only part of the woman’s body visible were her hands, which were wrapped around a tiny bundle she had cradled against her breasts.

Her footfalls came to an abrupt stop as she approached a rim of trees surrounding a meadow. There, she stood for a moment, surveying the clearing. The moonlight shined brightly here, its rays exaggerating the variances between light and shadows.

The woman tiptoed to a cluster of flat boulders that lounged in the center of the meadow. She ran a gaze across the edges of the clearing before she laid down the bundle.

A tiny coo sounded from the blanket as it stirred.emigramps2011

The woman jabbed a toe against…

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