Press Release – Cast Sought for the Louisiana Steampunk Festival

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Cast Sought for the Louisiana Steampunk Festival

At 2:00PM on Sunday May 14, 2017 the Louisiana Steampunk Festival will be hosting an open casting call at Citè des Arts in Downtown Lafayette at 109 Vine Street Lafayette, LA 70501. People interested in the Steampunk Genre, improv or interactive theatre, literature, or the arts are encouraged to attend. No prior experience is necessary. The Festival is looking for all kinds of people with all types of skills to breathe life into the event. Cast members will portray characters that could have populated the pages of 19th century science fiction stories. These unique characters will create a colorful, interactive backdrop. If you are interested and want to become part of the fun of creating a Steampunk world as a cast member please attend the open cast call. For additional information call 1 – (337) 291-1122, email, or visit our…

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