Here I am…a small bit about me.

Hi, it’s me, finally….this WordPress stuff is so much more work than blogger, of which I have a lovely following and ease of posting and making changes and have been working with other authors for a year now and loving it…I suppose I could pay to upgrade and maybe find more accomplishment with this WP…but not quite there yet.

In the meantime I write…ya fantasy/adventure to be exact.  I’m just finishing the third book in the series titled Benjamin McTish and the Hidden Caverns of Bristonbel.  Currently working on video and taking care of my chickens and ducks in between.

I live in the foothills of Santa Cruz mountains with my husband and our youngest son.  The two older ones live in San Fran and LA.  They are all extremely talented and funny.  And when I’m not busy with my insanely busy life…I paint..mostly Rock Icons.  Check out my art blog if you are so inclined….thx for stopping by….maybe we’ll get to know each other better.  I’ve made some very wonderful friends through this whole process…who knows, maybe you’re next…and wouldn’t that be a lovely thing.

to View some cool vintage rock…..


home blog for Thornton Berry Shire Press….

GoodReads author page…..


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